As you consider your financial stewardship commitment, please reflect upon the many ministries and programs that your Church offers you and your family:

WORSHIP:  Sunday Divine Liturgy. Orthros. Vespers. Weekday Liturgies. Paraklesis. Lenten prayer services.
SACRAMENTS:  Baptisms. Chrismations. Weddings. Funerals. Holy Unction. Confession.
COUNSELING:  Marriage. Youth and Young Adult. Grief and Bereavement. Family.
OUTREACH:  Hospitals. Shut-ins. Home Blessings. Nursing Homes. The Giving Tree.
CHRISTIAN EDUCATION:  Bible Study. Convert Classes. Retreats. Sermons. Lectures and Church Tours. Icon Gift and Book Store. Narthex Pamphlet ministry.
YOUTH MINISTRY:  Sunday School (Pre-K to Grade 12). Greek School. Vacation Bible School. GOYA. JOY. Youth Choir. Basketball Teams. Greek Dance Troupes. Overnight Retreats. Dances. Charity Fundraisers. Altar Boys. Toddler Nursery. Diocese Summer and Winter Camp.
COMMUNICATIONS:  Sunday Bulletins. Monthly “Koinonio”. Church Web Page.
ORGANIZATIONS:  Ladies Philoptochos. Men’s Club. Sunday School/Greek School. Silver Liners. AHEPA. Daughers of Penelope and many others.
COMMUNITY EVENTS:  Fish Dinners. Greek Summerfest. 5-K Run. Coaches Dinners. Blood Drive.
LITURGY/WORSHIP TEAM:  Chantors. Deacons. Altar Boys. Adult Choir. Junior Choir.
ESSENTIAL PARISH EXPENDITURES:  Utilities. Supplies. Salaries. Mortgage. Maintenance. Insurances. Repairs Snow removal. Landscaping. National and International Ministries (Diocese & Archdiocese). Parish House. And other additional operating expenses.

THEREFORE , as you can see, every pledge counts! And we depend on your generous financial giving so that we can provide these programs and ministries and pay for these expenditures.

CONSIDER for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you could contribute at least the “Fair Share” pledge ($12 per week). Is not God’s work as shown in all of the above, worth more than a cup of coffee?

WE HAVE many families pledging as much as $20 a week ($1000 a year) or more. Give what you can afford and Thank You for your generous support to the St. Haralambos Church community.